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12 Bottle Mead Box - 12 x 330ml bottle (4%)

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12 bottles of your choice. A whole crate of one flavour or mix it up? (Stock depending)

Sparkling Mead Options:

  • Honey & Rhubarb

By combining the fresh flavours of tangy Rhubarb Juice with our sweeter mead drink, we create a perfect blend of sweet and sour. Sparkling and delicate, with a refreshing flavour. It's like a lovely fizzy rhubarb pie.

  • Honey & Ginger

One for the gingernuts out there. Ever thought about dipping a ginger biscuit in honey? Of course you have. Who hasn`t? We’ve saved you the trouble by bringing them together: infusing root ginger for that fiery and sweet combination. A perfect winter warmer!

  • Honey & Hops

Dry hopped with Citra hops, we impart a zesty and floral flavour by using several careful additions during the fermentation process. This is where craft beer meets mead, and they get along very well.

  • Sour Cherry - OUT OF STOCK

A nostalgic nod to our favourite sweets, this is a tart and complex creation with delicious cherry notes. A light fruity sourness from our selected wild culture, blended with our honey for that age-old sweet and sour crowd pleaser.

  • Honey & Elderflower

We have combined the classic spring flavour of fresh elderflowers with our lovely honey, and gently fermented them together to create this, our sparkling Honey & Elderflower. A taste of spring in every bottle. It’s like popping over to your Gran’s house and getting gently tiddly.

  • Pure Honey

Here is the product of honey+water+yeast+time. It’s delicate and sparkling whilst coating your mouth and taste-buds with the delicious aroma and taste of pure unadulterated honey. Close your eyes and pretend you are a bee, gently buzzing from flower to flower whilst sipping on life’s sweet nectar.