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While mead is in the title, this website is dedicated to providing information on all sorts of homebrewing information and recipes. This includes mead, beer, and I even started writing about kombucha. Feel free to click around! The only ads are in their typical sidebar and leader board locations. No text links will take you to an affiliate shopping area, they only lead to great homebrewing content.

You can use any of the recipes you see of course! I write my honest opinion on how the beer turned out. If you made one of my¬† mead or beer recipes, I’d like to know what you think of it as well. Let me know in the comments or use the contact form directly. I’ll share it with the community. If you’d like to stay updated on the latest posts and news, or even know what’s going on behind the scenes, subscribe to the monthly newsletter. It’s got an update form me about the newest content, and some info on what’s coming down the pipeline.

Learn How to Make Beer

In addition to beer recipes, I strive to provide easy access to homebrewing information. This is an area of the site I’m planning on expanding very soon, so stay tuned newbie brewers! In the meantime check out what’s currently available in the beer archives.

Learn How to Make Mead, and Sour Mead

Yes I have mead recipes! I stick mostly to hydromels and sour meads, but don’t count me out for more traditional mead recipes. I also plan on adding more content in the articles area specifically for new mead makers. For those interested a lot in sour meads, be sure to look for updates on my sour meadmaking book.

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Patreon: I do have a Patreon page set up which is a great way to directly support hivemind mead with a small monthly contribution. By doing so, you help keep the hosting paid for, and fresh content flowing at a higher rate. You’ll also be entered to win prizes once I reach my first fundraising goal, and get access to archived recipes. I’m currently including an early bird-supporter special which doubles entries into the contest.

Social Sharing: Maybe a monthly contribution isn’t your jam at the moment, but you can still support the efforts to get homebrewing information out to the masses. Sharing content (posts, articles, recipes, videos) with your friends and social community are a great way to support hivemind mead as well.

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